A unique new way to create and purchase the exact car you are in love with

Tired of going to dealerships? use your smart phone in your free time,  to design the vehicle you want at the price you want

About Me

The evolution of DesignAuto


Our mother Company 5 Star Auto Sales inc.  was Established in 1996...We have been serving the community for  over 23  years with over 8000 cars sold and counting.  5 Star Auto has been in the same location and  is  an active member in  local east meadow ny neighborhood activities including, social,youth, civic,religious and activity groups..  

DesignAuto was developed due to the forever changing  business atmosphere. We are noticing that our new client base has very specific criteria for a new vehicle right down to year, make,model, mileage, options , and most surprising COLOR.  We are seeing  a tremendous increse in e- commerce  that people are initiating from their mobile smartphone devices .  We are seeing  the need to offer home delivery of purchased vehicles as a courtesy for our clients.  

In light of all the new variables in our New Customers expectations we created Designauto  giving our customers the power and convienance to custom order their dream car in extreme detail,  rather than to settle and  pick from existing Dealer inventory

Why choose DesignAuto

-Uniquely tailored used car buying experience

-Nationwide Network of certified vehicles all makes and models

-Build the used vehicle you desire

-Pay the price you want to pay

-100% 72 hour  buyback guarantee

-All vehicle include factory/postsale warranties

Full service transactions include:  

-vehicle is state inspected and serviced  90 point check list

-Home delivery and all paperwork 

-Full spectrum finance options

-preparation of all DMV registration and title  paperwork including State Tax collection

-Transfer of equity from any trade in

Quality Assurance


 We realize that you have lots of choices when leasing or buying an automobile and our desire is to ensure you have the best  car buying experience. That is why we developed DesignAuto which we believe to be a New Unique Way to buy a used car. All of our vehicles are meticously chosen from our nationwide database for sale through our  dealership. Using vast experience, Test drives, lift inspections , Diagnostic Scans,Condition reports and  Carfax Historie s, we review all information with precision and scrutiny before a vehicle is offered for sale..Our customers appreciate our vehicle quality and level of personal attention and service, Resulting in multiple vehicle purchases within one family and friend network group... buy used cars bad credit buy car online

follow our step by step process for your next car purchase

email: Orders@designauto.com


First step is to Please email us your name and preferred contact method .. Let us know what year vehicle you are looking for Make ,model, engine size, desired options that are important to you , color preference, mileage range , and price threshholds

Financing Pre-Approval


Click the Pre-Approval Button on our home page and you will be redireceted to our secure credit application portal, please fill out application completely and accurately as is will speed up your approval step

Personal Sales Representative Follow Up


Within 24hours you will recieve a follow up from one of our sales representatives on your prefered method of contact. They will have your order request and your credit application  Design Auto will not process any applications or orders until we have our customers consent and green light to go forward

Vehicle prospects and Selection


Design Auto will send you up to 10 possible choices of vehicles that meet your desired criteria, some vehicle may be more optioned than you designated , and may even be under your minimal mileage range at a lower price threshold than anticipated.

Pinpointing your perfect car


Together we will narrow down your selection to 2 or 3 prospects , then Design Auto will execute our extreme due dilligence in analyzing history reports , Seller condition reports and national market pricing to get you the perfect car at the best price. Once we have your perfect car we will ask you for a Deposit on the purchase , buy your vehicle and schedule transportation

Getting Behind the Wheel of your new Car


Once your vehicle arrives at Design Auto it will be fully serviced with our ASE certified technicians including OIl Change , fluids and state inspection. Full tank of fuel,  professional Detail servicing as well. Your state DMV and financial paperwork is Professionally prepared. You may come to our pick up facility, or request home delivery free of charge